Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another New One

Mongo and I headed out after church this morning to check out a waterfall I had seen through the trees a week ago on Rocky Creek, near Baker Lake. After a short scramble through a little clear cut area we started climbing down the steep hill towards the falls. After reaching the bottom of the precarious climb, we (and by "we" I mean me carrying the dog) crossed over to the other side of the creek and scrambled atop a large boulder with a perfect view of the falls and the gorgeous green pool at the base. The falls are around 25' tall. I suspect the creek probably drops over the same rock formation as nearby Lower Sulphur Creek Falls, Sandy Falls, and possibly Laplash Falls. All four falls are about the same height and located at roughly the same elevations:

We climbed out of the canyon on the opposite side and eventually ran into an old logging road that ran parallel to the creek. I followed the road downstream for a little ways. I thought I heard one more waterfall but at this point I was high above the creek and not in the mood for another long, steep climb down into the canyon (perhaps at a future date). After getting back to the car, I checked out the creek a little further upstream and ran into a really cool old dam. The drop off the dam is about 50' tall and 80' wide. It was really neat. Next on the agenda will probably be Bald Mountain Falls next Saturday. I'll probably throw some other waterfall into the mix to make it a full day. Should be fun.

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