Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sandy Creek Falls

I first became aware of a waterfall on Sandy Creek from the work of Pat Buller ( Today after church, I set out with Mongo the dog in search of this waterfall. Pat had informed me that the falls were about 1/2 a mile upstream from the Koma Kulshan Powerhouse on Sandy Creek. The trek began with an easy 3/4 of a mile walk up a gravel road to the powerhouse. From there, it was hardcore, northwest bushwhacking. It took me over an hour to travel the 1/2 mile from the powerhouse to the falls. I forded the creek twice on the way in.

When I finally got a look at the falls, I was about 100' above the creek with a near vertical cliff wall below me. I backtracked a short distance until I found a spot where I carefully climbed down to the creek. From there it was a simple matter of wading nearly waist deep in the near freezing water of Sandy Creek to a clear view. The falls were worth the trouble however. Sandy Creek Falls is only about 25' tall but one of the more beautiful waterfalls you'll find anywhere. There was actually a small, 10' upper tier about 100' upstream that could be added to the height but it's not really necessary. Mongo and I sat on a mossy rock watching the falls and eating our lunch for nearly an hour before time forced us to make our way back to the car. This isn't a waterfall everyone can visit but for those with the ability, it is a great spot. I imagine in the summer it would be fairly easy to just wade right up the creek to the falls. It would be a wet experience but substantially easier than trying to smash through the stickers covering the banks of the creek.