Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy McGillicuddy

About a month ago I found a spot on the Topos in the Deer Creek drainage that looked like a potential waterfall. The satelite imagery was inconclusive but it looked good enough for me to check out. After driving through a maze of logging roads, I located the creek. It was pretty good sized but it was rainy that day so I elected to save it for a better day.

Today became that better day. With crystal clear, sunny skies, I didn't expect to get any great photos of the possible waterfall but I figured I could determine for sure whether it existed or not. With dog in tow, I drove up the road to a spot above the falls and began a short, but fairly steep climb down towards the creek. As I got close, I noticed not one, but two waterfalls side by side.

The lefthand segment has the higher volume of the two and drops around 55' in two tiers. The right hand segment is smaller in volume, but drops a sheer 80' in a plunging drop. On the day I first scouted the creek, the volume of water was easily three times as much as today so this waterfall could potentially be much more impressive under the right conditions. I'll head back up in the near future with higher water levels and better photography conditions to really do this one justice. Until then, enjoy the video of the falls below: