Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adios No Name Show - Top 7 Episodes

So last night marked the final episode of the No Name Show. For a variety of reasons I decided to cease doing my weekly internet radio show. I will attempt to do some of the material from the show here on my blog. The easiest of these is the Top 7 Lists. So in honor of the great fun I've had over the past 20 months doing the show, I now present the Top 7 Episodes of the No Name Show:

7. Best SNL Bits of All Time - This episode ended up being me talking to my cousins Bryce and Connor about SNL bits and other tom foolery.

6. Underrated Movies - I talked about some of the best movies that no one talks about. If you're a movie lover, check out this episode.

5. Clay's Boston Marathon - I interviewed an actual person for this show: my buddy Clay. We talked about him running his first Boston Marathon (extremely successfully by the way).

4. No Name Show Premier - Oh what could've been. The show was originally supposed to be myself and two buddies from work talking about whatever we felt like. That format lasted one whole week. Listen to this show always makes me realize how entertaining this show could have been had they stuck it out.

3. America Rocks - We didn't end up talking about how great America was that much but this was the first time The Ed called into the show. It was great to finally meet the man.

2. Peter Long from Elmo's Place - The most controversial episode of the No Name Show featured a guy named Peter Long from Elmo's Place, a halfway house for recently released sex offenders. This one actually got me in trouble with the in laws for a little bit.

1. Should Skyscrapers Be Banned - My favorite episode featured Dr. Johathan Ceran from SOAR who discussed the evils of skyscrapers. If you only listen to one episode of the show, listen to this one.

There ya have it. My list of my 7 favorite episodes of the No Name Show. Give them a listen and feel free to let me know what you think.

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