Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top 7 Bowling Terms That Sound Filthy

While this blog is technically related to my waterfall hunting adventues, I don't want to limit myself to that so from time to time I will post other stuff. Below is my list of the Top 7 Bowling Terms That Sound Filthy as read on my internet radio show last night (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/No-Name-Show). Looking into terms related to bowling reveals a massive assortment of terms that just sound downright filthy so I put together my list of the seven most vile, perverse, and disgusting bowling terms. Even some of the definitions sound dirty.

Honorable Mentions - Backend, Balance Hole, Blow, Box, Cherry, Choke, Cranker, Squirt, Ovaled Hole, Release Point

7. Angle of Entry - The angle at which the ball hits the pocket. (Or the angle something else hits something else.)

6. Ball Reaction - The change in a ball's direction as it travels down the lane.

5. Stroker - A bowler with a smooth swing and no sudden acceleration in his/her swing. (Yeah right)

4. Four Bagger - Four strikes in a row, also referred to as a Hambone. This term could have two dirty definitions: a. "Bagging" four women in one night. b. A woman with a great body but a face so ugly you have to put four bags over it.

3. Mule Ears - A term for the 7-10 split. I'm not even sure why this sounds dirty but it just seems like it should have some filthy alternate definition.

2. Squeezer - Someone who holds the ball with excessive force. The dirty definition would be "someone who holds the ball with excessive force".

And the #1 filthy bowling term is . . .

1. Double Wood - Also known as a "sleeper". This is when you leave two pins standing after your first ball, one directly behind the other (i.e. 2-8, 3-9). I don't think I need to describe the dirty definition of this one.

So there you have it. Proof positive that bowlers are not only have dirty bodies, but also dirty minds.

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