Friday, February 12, 2010

Survivor - Heroes vs. Villians Week 1
Well last night was the first episode of Survivor Heroes vs. Villians. It's setting up to be the best season of Survivor ever with many of the most entertaining cast members in history returning for one grand season. The show began right away with a reward challenge that was absolutely brutal. Stephenie had her shoulder dislocated. The medics put it back in place (that Stephenie is a tough chick). Rupert broke one of his toes. The medics wrapped it up and Rupert went back to work. The good guys won the challenge and got flint.
Back at the villian camp, Boston Rob just built a fire by rubbing two sticks together (he's pretty good). Most of the show was spent showing small groups of Survivors in quiet conversations discussing strategy. When it was time for the immunity challenge, the Heroes got off to a huge lead but Rupert, Sugar, Cirie, and Amanda couldn't figure out a puzzle and the villians took the win. At tribal council, the group decided it was best to eliminate the weak link and Sugar was voted out. She admitted in a classy move that it was probably the best move for the tribe but I'm sad to see her go. She was always one of my favs.
Initial observations: Rupert doesn't seem into it. I know he broke his toe but he just seems out of his element. He couldn't catch a fish, couldn't get a fire started, and he just stared vacantly into space when they were supposed to be solving the puzzle (I think he was actually figuring out which ladder rung went where). He might not last very long this season.
Coach is still a loser.
Boston Rob is probably the greatest player in Survivor history. I don't like him but dang he's good.
J.T. is going to be a villian by the end of this season. He was just a "good ole boy" last time but I have a feeling he's going to be sneaky this time.

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socnorb777 said...

That may be one of the bigger problems with Survivor...the rush to vote out the cuties like Sugar.