Thursday, February 4, 2010

Park Creek this Saturday

Well the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend (relatively speaking) and the snow levels are still high, so the plan is to finally reach Park Creek Falls near Baker Lake. A couple years back, 3 friends and I were able to reach the base of massive Lava Divide Falls ( but I couldn't talk them into continuing on to the falls on Park Creek itself. So after a wait of two years, I'm hoping Saturday will be the day I finally reach this mysterious waterfall. I've never seen a picture of it and I know of no one who has seen the falls. My companion for the adventure will be my lovely bride. I don't think she knows what she's getting herself into. She's really never done a long bushwhack and this one should be pretty rough. We'll see what happens. If all goes according to plan, we will get into Park Creek Falls first and then stop by Lava Divide Falls on the way back. Worse case scenario is we won't make it to Park Creek Falls and I will climb up the side of the bottom section of Lava Divide Falls to photograph the upper tiers which are at least 300' tall. There is also a gigantic tree our group found on our first trip that I might try to measure if we have time. It's going to be a rough trip, but if we can make it, the reward will be great.

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